Gotta Laugh...

This is one of those things that, if I don't laugh about it, I'd have to cry. Dad's always said I should cry and then do something to remedy the situation instead of laughing, but life is becoming too short to "try hard" constantly. So there. It's about my first shibori T-shirt.

The great thing about making one's own clothes is I should be able to accommodate my unique bear-barrel shape, yes? So, some considerations for future designs:

I'd like the design to go all the way up to the shoulder, or rather, for the design to come down from the shoulder. That's the easy part.
  • The point where the two shapes meet comes dangerously close to hiding my boob unless I keep pulling down the T-shirt, particularly on my right side.
  • If this exact design were to be raised by 7-10cm towards my shoulder, the problem would have been solved.
  • More seriously, I'd reconsider having a curve going around my rotund middle section in future. That curve on the right seems to accentuate my unsmall protrusion!
What? You really didn't expect me to post a picture of my ample "side", did you?


bety said...

I like the idea but the curve placement needs to be very deliberate when boobs and curves are concern, trust me I know having 38-D's and tummy is not an easy hide!

Meg said...

I guess we are what the media calls "real women", Bety, though I'm a lot more real than some others. But then if I draw straight lines, they warp, so I guess I must stick with curves, yes?