I bought one of Connie Rose's postcards a while back, and instead of having it wrapped up nicely, I asked her to stick a stamp and send it to me as a postcard.

It's small - the size of a small postcard - but intriguing and fascinating and stands to repeated gazing and admiration. In other words, an example of how "layers upon layers" work well.

So how do I do that with my weaving? And do I want to? Well, I won't know until I try.


  1. There's a bit more textural and shininess nuances that I couldn't capture, but you get the feel of it, yes?

  2. Thank you, Meg! Re: layers in weaving, have you painted any warps before weaving? That definitely adds dimension. Weft, too, if you can swing it, which I was never able to. Check out Polly Barton's fabulous painted warp/weft weavings. To dye for!

  3. I too dream of layering, stitching, extending, multi media-ing my weaving.
    A while back a group of us were sending each other fibre postcards and my rural delivery man would say "More carpet squares"!

  4. Hi, Connie. Layers, yet subtle. I can live with that!

    Dianne, carpet squares!!! How Rude! I think I have to experiment, though I do like the subtle, simpler cloth on the whole, off my loom, in art galleries, or by anyone else. Not having tried and not liking is, as my Mom used to say, a waste of life, of a chance to experience something wonderful.


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