Hee hee...

How about a little R&R courtesy of another Ben?

Today is our official (i.e. wedding) 20th anniversary. We have a winter art talk at the Suter, then supper at a new Italian restaurant. My Ben's so not the romantic type and quietly walks away whenever there is a whiff of romantic in the air, so I've become quite unsentimental over the years, too, but the food is great at this place, (we had lunch once), and we love to talk food, and maybe we could discuss the possibility of a road trip this year, or a longish Australian holiday next year.

EDIT: Just had to add this link. I wouldn't mind if Ben serenaded me like this, choreography and all... Maybe on our 25th anniversary. OK, maybe not with these lyrics. I swear I thought one of the guys was going to propose to the woman in the front, but again, I guess not with these lyrics. Obviously I watch and not listen.


  1. I followed your link to Ben Heine's pictures - they are fun!!

    Happy anniversary to you and Ben.

  2. Thanks, Dot. His drawings are good, aren't they?

  3. Happy Anniversary! That's so cool. Congratulations!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    So that's what goes on at UofO. :)
    Both links where great fun. Love the drawings. So clever.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I got your post card, had a great laugh at the photo, thanks I needed that!

  6. Thanks, ladies.

    Theresa, Oregon?


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