Taking a Stand

I grew up with a father who has an opinion on everything political, who was never shy of sharing them to anyone inside our four small walls, all the time. Other than voting religiously, however, he never took a stand outside our nuclear family. He's still full of criticisms, and shouts back at the television.

I knew his "method" was lame and non-productive, so most of my adult life, I've joined groups whose cause I believe in, paid memberships or gave money, and sometimes volunteered. Some of the fondest memories are from when I was in high school, I used to help out voter registration at public events in Minneapolis, where I was underage and not even a US citizen. I could hand out forms and help fill them out and little old men and ladies used to pat me on the head commending me for my conscientiousness!

I've been frustrated with our current anything-for-money government, it's a nightmarish return to the 80's, and for the first time (that I can remember), I joined a protest against mining in our protected conservation land. Ben has some photos here. Organizers wanted photos for the press and Ben worked really hard for a couple of hours trying to send them out, but outside Nelson, we really didn't get a lot of coverage; two lines by the Green Party of New Zealand; oh well, we have so much to protest against nowadays.

This morning I saw this picture on Julia's Space & Structure blog, and had this idea: if ever we weavers have to protest, we can all wear warp chains around our necks. Weavers on the British Isles might have an occasion sometime soon! Have you seen this? Some of you may like to take part in these discussions on Facebook.

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