Weavers, Step Up!

I've got a bit of steam to let off today, and that's the responsibility of weavers to show where weaving is at in New Zealand.

I think by now you know I'm all for inclusiveness, but that doesn't mean anything goes. There is a piece that I believe should not have been included in any exhibition, even if it's an annual group exhibition. And though I'm not 100% sure, I seem to recall the weaver in question is not an incompetent one; I think I've seen something spectacular associated with this name.

Another one; if you're given time and space to exhibit, being asked to exhibit, for goodness sakes' don't dig up stuff form your "haven't sold" box, particularly if folks have seen it on other walls before. I have a real gripe with this. I know sometimes timing is critical or real life gets in the way, but consistently sticking old stuff in the hopes of getting rid of it, and really, very old pieces, is just laziness. This weaver produces solid products, has a good reputation, belongs with the right group. She expresses great disdain for multi-shaft fancy-shamnciness; I honestly don't have a problem with it, but show us what you do, not what you did years ago. The space is tiny, but there is absolutely no visual coherence.

Step up, Weavers!


  1. I know of one group who now specify that works have to have been completed within the past - year maybe? They discussed a requirement for not previously shown, but so far haven't introduced it afaik.

    I agree - exhibiting old tired work does a disservice to that artist and everyone exhibiting with them.

  2. Agreed, but then again, I've never exhibited a thing other than immaturity! ;-)

  3. I have no problem with new weavers exhibiting seemingly unsophisticated pieces, because there is a lot to be learned from new weavers' work. And a heck of a lot of them aren't unsophisticated, either. But experienced weavers? This just burns me.

    Fibresofbeing, we have rules like that to some of the exhibitions, but when it's up to the one artist showcasing their work, I guess not. I just assumed it as a given.

  4. And Theresa, the reference to new weaver was not meant to mean you are one. But I do believe weavers with proper respect and accolade should carry their weight. Grrrr......

  5. And they'd say, "All you've done is to blog and rant, and where have that gotten you?" and of course they'd be right.



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