In Tune with "My" Colors

Remember the machine embroidery threads I bought? Stuff I collected in Japan, (mostly yarns from Mom's stash,) are slowly arriving, and among them were the silk thread I bought in January.

I'm glad to report I know what color schemes I want to work with in the near future. These silk sewing threads came in about 30 silvers and grays, too, but I managed to refrain from further extending my range. Maybe next trip.

Meanwhile, don't do things if you are under the weather. Mom sent me several machine washable silk T-shirts. I put them in net bags, then into the washing machine, then proceeded to put them through a regular cycle with regular detergent. The pale pink-purple one looks already worn, a bit... Darn...

Meanwhile, I've been pondering about my P2P choices and wanting to concentrate on one and move to the next phase. I can't help but be attracted to the fourth photo because of its colors, but feel it's the easy way out, just weaving in those, (plus or minus a few more,) colors, and have been wondering what else I can do. I love the shapes and the contrast in the first, and stories I can concoct with the plane stories, a favorite starting point for cloth design for me. I'll decide by the end of this week.

Today, I'm sampling Summer & Winter some more.

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