Some of my friends think I take weaving, and therefore life, much too seriously, and that I don't play enough. Not so.

I can play dress up with my papier mache body!

Nobody ever told me my 52nd birthday was going to be my best yet. Kate, who had a grand tour of Central and South America recently, sent me this Peruvian scarf. The alpaca yarns, she said, were dyed with Peruvian plants, the blue-green being the most popular. Handspun and handwoven, this is the softest alpaca yarn I've ever felt, and Kate said this one is softer than the other alpaca scarves she bought. The selvedge is nicely done, too, unlike my alpaca scarf on the loom.

There is a new Australian book called "Really Wild Tea Cosies", and my local independently-owned bookshop is having a really wild tea cosie competition. The prize is, of course, a copy of the book. It just so happened I found these ribbon-made pansies and flowers yesterday, and needing a reason to buy them, I decided to enter the competition.

This morning, the merino combed slivers arrived, all eight, not seven, colors, totaling 1kg. I need to borrow a carder or combs because I want to mix the colors a little and spin, and I think I'll knit or crochet a tea cosy, and possibly felt it, before putting on the pansies, and some glass beads. And there were plenty more frilly things in the shop I can add.

I think I am allowed to buy a tiny, round-ish tea pot for this project.

And it's been Ben's birthday, all day today.


Desirée said...

Party, party! :)

Esther said...

Meg, there is a book in the Guild Library called Killer Tea Cosies." Let me know if you want to borrow it.

Theresa said...

I like the way you think! I just bought a book on tea cozies and they look like so much fun to knit up. Love the pansies. Happy Birthday to Ben too

Meg said...

Desiree, yes, I've been partying too much inside my head my legs are really tired!


Theresa, it's kind of a low-keyed, stress-free, relatively fast project, isn't it? And since we drink endless cups of tea in New Zealand, we actually use them all the time! I have a very girly one, if not "really wild", in mind!