A little after 8 this morning, we got a call for a "Randy"; as far as I know Husband has not changed his name, so I take it as some kind of synchronicity thing happening here. Although, I have to admit, we get a whole lot of wrong numbers at all hours here.

When we were in our second rented house in Auckland, when we had a number like a pizza place, i.e. something like 844-4488, we used to get strange, i.e. drunk, calls for one Maxwell at all hours. Once, we got a sane phone message with a return number, so I rang to say Maxwell hadn't had this number for nine months. It turned out Maxwell was a gay film director, and I caused quite a commotion in this woman's office, everybody wondering why an American woman's voice answered Maxwell's phone. Sandy was the woman's name. We chatted for 20 minutes, but she told me I probably would not have seen any of Maxwell's films. I wonder if they were the naughty kind.

Meanwhile I can't stop thinking about Kaz's idea of giving hand-finished clothes tiny boys and girls. Since I have a lot of cute decorative buttons, mine may not be for babies, but the possibility is limitless, yes?

For a few years, since the earthquake in Pakistan (?) or Catrina, I can't remember now, I've been thinking of weaving cotton baby blankets and sending them to hospitals in the region. I had a bunch of friends give me reliable (and still active) charities in New Orleans back then. With Samoa and Heiti, I was able to find out addresses of hospitals, but because I am such a slow weaver, and after checking the postage, (i.e. expensive), I haven't executed my now-not-so-secret plans. I know I can do something with these store-bought shirts, and perhaps bottoms, however, and I'm terribly excited with the prospect of finally being able to do something to welcome tiny people to the world.


Desirée said...

Unfortunately there will always be new places who needs help, bankets. It's never too late.

Meg said...

Yes, there does seem to be, unfortunately, no lack of new destinations, though that doesn't mean the old destinations don't need them, either. Sad, really, Desiree. I thought humans were meant to progress. And then all these natural disasters!