Funny How The/My Mind Works

I was ironing, wasn't I, which in itself is a good textile trigger if I'm in the right mindset, and watched Deb Menz DVDs, which led me to think of carding and mixing gazillion colors, which, in tern led me to visualize endless white and natural yardage.

When I was ironing my whites, I started thinking of shibori, and for once I was quick on my feet, not over-thinking. And I've been making all-over stitching on a second shirt (so the blotchiness won't matter,) and I shall dye this in two colors, adding more stitching between the two. This will take longer to work on, and I'm savoring that aspect. When we cleaned our closets yesterday, I salvaged some more items I could experiment with.

I'm not forcing myself to think systematically, just doing as I please. And the ideas and the willingness and the energy seems to be always there, simmering, not boiling, drying up and burning.

The other morning I was thinking I may be spreading myself too thinly: P2P, Design Course, Ali's mentoring, (design and block/summer&winter), three dressed looms, a few projects I want to work on, (including Kaz's online dye course from Nov 08!), two commissions, my own study of Log Cabin/Shadow/Corkskrew weaves. Not to mention creating an Esty store and updating the web page galleries and...

And actually, none of this bothers me. I'm not consulting my To Do lists. I'm mindful these are the things I've committed myself to, but I'm not worried, not stressed; slightly annoyed by the lower back pain, but that's about all.

So if this is what it means to be 52, bring it.

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