Photography & Inspiration

While selecting photos for the previous post, I deliberately delved deep into my archives from 2006, when Ben bought me my camera. Unlike then, when I was hopping around Nelson photographing everything and anything, lately I am too focused on what or how to photograph and don't take chances, nor shoot for the sake of shooting. On the other hand, I look at things more carefully, albeit unconsciously, (thanks to the drawing class, I'm sure), so I take much fewer photos, but sometimes manage to remember things I saw without photographic proof. Though more often I remember I saw something, and if I'm lucky, if and where.

I was vaguely thinking of focusing vs. not focusing, (as opposed to not being able to focus,) and how to find/look for inspirations just for the fun of it if nothing else.

Then I did something I've done only twice before in four years; I pressed "next blog" from one of yours, and landed on "Altering Thoughts". Just by chance, on a whim, by accident. And as if that was not gift enough, I discovered its author Pat is part of "ideas of inspiration".

A nice Saturday morning circle, yes? And I'm also vaguely thinking, (but not sure about this one) starting a group blog where anybody of us can post images (and stories if you like) to share. Or are we already doing this in our individual blogs? Your thoughts?


  1. Meg, thank you for your kind comments. I find it is really good to be part of a joint project of some kind. It gives you a spur and a focus. And it is fun! Let me know if you start one. Your photographs are beautiful.

  2. Gee, thank you, Pat! I do like the idea of a common source of inspiration, everybody putting things in and taking things out. A library of inspiration, I think.


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