Afternoon Delight

Because I'm nursing an iffy hip, (iffy because I'm not sure if there is anything wrong with it at all,) I wove for only an hour. The shapes come out squat compared to the draft, but I decided I like it in this instance. This scarf, 100% merino both ways, is going to be soft and squishy and I already love it.

The 512 picks I wove yielded 34.5cm, which means about 2700 picks will give me 180cm. I'll have to modify that area of the draft when I get closer to 180cm. I don't have any leftover warp, except thrums from an ancient project, so I'm weaving carefully.

Dinner is salmon and veggie soup.


Cate Rose said...

This is SO beautiful, Meg. Love the colors and the pattern.

Meg said...

Thanks, Connie. This is a good piece to get me back on the loom bench. I then played around on the giant green exercise ball for an hour in the evening, so my old body should be right, too. I hope.