Friday, July 29, 2011

Beauty is in the Eyes of The...

I was surprised to find myself liking Holly's far left towel in the first picture best of the three, even though I could see the other two were more "accurate" color representation of the original photo.  And it didn't matter to me, ecause I knew the picture was only a starting point, and in fact I admired how the towel of my choice is unlike the other two; it looked to me as if Holly was freer in her thinking.

So why can't I apply the same principles in my project, I don't know.  The images I have of what my finished product should look like is still so darn close to the original pics. 

Esmae is in town, and we're meeting for coffee sometime soon-ish.  I was thinking of what I'd like to show her in person, and then I realized I have done some moving away from the original pics.

I went from these pics, to this, and this, some of these, and then these on the one hand, and this on the other. Many are just mechanical, I feel I haven't gone far enough, (because most have been attempts to reproduce the original lines rather than make something of my own,) and I can't for the life of me see any connection between these and what might be woven on my loom, but it is time I give myself half a pat on the back.

There, there.


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