Contours are such an airy-fairy concept, don't you think? Belatedly last night I realized they are an enforced vision/version of our perception of the world.  It's more convenient, even transportable, but it's representational, not real.  Even a printed line on a sheet of paper has three dimensions, albeit a thin one; haven't we ever looked at a painting or a print of a work we never liked in books and been blown away by the dimensionality and impact the original work holds?  Shapes, which are marginally easier for me to understand, are nothing but artificially-imposed areas surrounded or suggested by contours, so contours are more like perceived boarders between two or more sets of molecules and these boarders are something we conjure up when we try to compress the three-dimensional (or more but that's way beyond me,) world onto two dimensions.

Can you tell, I'm having a bit of trouble tearing sheets to try to collage the Monsoon Clouds?

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