Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going Back on my Words

My conversation with Pat continues, and I decided to do something I thought of the other day.

I went through the filtered photos in Flickr, picked the ones I liked, and further selected ones that may be weavable as cloth.  Here were the four I liked, and I can see these woven in multi-colored warps.  Kind of. 
Then I went back to the black and white Grand Canyon drawing, and made three slightly different versions. 
Then I printed the three drawings on one sheet, and one of the color schemes on top of the drawings. The colors are approximate; the lovely indigos you see above changes into ink blue when it goes through the scanner, and there's a whiteness, but you get the general idea.  (Again, if you look at these from below, the colors look marginally better.)
This last one, I put in the paper the wrong way the second time, so the sky in the drawing appears in the orange side, but I doesn't matter ant more.  

The problem is, I'm not sure what I was expecting; the coloring yesterday gave me better ideas, almost.  But these sheets are prettier.  The only good thing is I won't have to die wondering what they'll look like. And I need to learn to fine-tune the scanner.

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