More of the Same but Less than Yesterday

I finished the first scarf, and at that moment, decided to weave a whole warp of teal and navy scarves, all with slight variation in color, sheen and yarn size.  I got started on the second one, but from this warp, I'll again get four or five scarves, and after weaving about 5cm of the second, I'm not so sure, because it sounds like a boring idea.
The color in the photos are still pretty bad, (I took 30+ today), but this is better than yesterday's.  And don't you just hate it when you have 3cm to go and run out of wefts? 

I'll let you in on a secret; besides being the color of the sea around here, teal is the absolute favorite color of The Suter Gallery shop manager Andrea.  I long wove scarves to suit the image of the Red Gallery and Jay's taste, and back in March I thought I could pander to Andrea's taste for a change, little knowing that by the time I got to this warp, Red would be no longer Jay's.  Me, I like dark teal in small portions, alongside golds and purples, (the "jewel" colors?) but it's not in and of itself a fav of mine.

I saw a perfect description of how I was feeling before I started weaving this Log Cabin series. Cecily is a hoot at best of times, but sometimes she is so spot on I wonder if she spies on me from time to time.
©Celia Allison; posted with permission.


  1. Lamentably, this particular one didn't make the final cut so didn't become a card. So disappointing for me; if it were, I'd buy bulk!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.181205228573380.49323.131348650225705&type=1 This is where I found it, Connie. I wonder if I should start a campaign to get this one made into cards!


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