By Request

Here are better images of the two doodles I did, what I call quick blind contours. They were done in gold, silver and bronze gel pens, but the gold, my fab, started to create blobs rather than smooth lines halfway through the Grand Canyon.

After scanning these, I tried to make the lines stand out more but this is the best I could do without changing the character of the drawings too much. Any amount of tampering and the silver lines disappears. Perhaps if you click and enlarge, you get a slightly better view. On my monitor, you see the lines better if you crouch down and look up at the enlarged pictures.

I did enjoy Grand Canyon, as the contours were easier to identify, I saw the ship rocks, and there are a few other little things I noticed that I must have filed away in the subconscious part of my brain.  Though I got increasingly frustrated with the gold pen and felt I had to move on.  I would have liked to stay with this longer; I might get stuck in again.

I found the "contours" of the clouds impossible. I think I foresaw this and flipped the original photo upside down, (which sometimes helps me shed my preconception of an image,) from the start. Towards the end I concentrated on a small area at a time, so the contours don't overlap, and the sizes/proportions vary a great deal. The softness of the contours is why I thought tearing and collaging of soft paper would better depict what I see.  I still don't like this and not sure what to make of it.

The halfway point of P2P2 is approaching and I've been thinking I really ought to focus on one image.


Meg said...

And if you stand up a little and look at the enlarged drawing from above, you actually see the negative view!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... have you turned it round and looked at it upside-down and sideways too?

Anonymous said...

That last comment was me - Dot - don't know why it published my comment without asking me to sign in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, hope this works, blogger seems to be swallowing up my comments today. Maybe because I have changed browser settings after getting a virus from a website yesterday.

I was going to ask if you have turned the page around, and looked at the lines upside down and sideways?

Meg said...

Blogger is being naughty, but I have in my inbox a comment from Dot: "Interesting... have you turned it round and looked at it upside-down and sideways too?"

I have, a lot, the Monsoon Cloud one; I guess that's the plus side of something not working as far as I'm concerned and I try to see it from, (suppressing a grin) all sides. The Grand Canyon, not so much. Just this portrait shape, (photo standing on its left,) and the correct way.

I do look at the photos from all angles, and from near and far, but drawings, no, not really, Dot. I might play with the Grand Canyon one today. Thanks.