Monday, July 18, 2011


I told Andrea on Friday that while I'm enjoying my experiments, I'm really stuck and have no idea where to go next.  The divine well of inspiration has dried up for the time being.  I have started to panic a little because if I am going to weave something, I would like to decide what I'm going to weave, and most importantly for me, start experimenting with weave structures on the computer and on the loom.

My head has been beautifully and impossibly devoid of direction and preferences.  To which Holly responded on Facebook: 'Meg, don't panic...remember rule #8: "How far you take the project depends on you. You could weave and have a finished piece, or go as far as determining the yarn, the set and the draft, or come up with a bunch of drawings and alternative project ideas.'  I would laugh, but I have been contemplating this these last couple of days, and it feels utterly lame as the host of the challenge, but I might have to consider the possibility.

But it's not because I've been lazy...


  1. Hi Evel :)

    So difficult when nothing draws you in. I think it's not quite but close to essential to have an emotional connection to your work. It certainly makes it a lot easier when it pulls you.
    What really caught my eye was the ribbon of colour you have created with the strips in your sketchpad. Though the graphic lines in the second-to-bottom reminded me of this post .

    I've got no advice - today I went through my storage bins and brought out a whole new set of yarns, then started still more yarn hunting on the internet. A classic avoidance tactic?


  2. Judy, that link is in Minnesota! Wow!! Sadly, I seldom have emotional connections to any of my work, so that's not a problem here, but I an wondering if trying things 3D was where I went wrong. Or not.


  3. Sometimes you have to step away and let your brain work on "it" while you do other things. Weave something else and let your creativity talk to your brain. Right now I think you are too close and too focused on your P2P2.

  4. I have been concentrating on this because I was away from it for a couple of hours and I'm very mindful I'm a slow weaver, Holly. Rush, rush!!


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