2009, for me, was sucky year, and I won't bore you with a list of things I did do, or I had intended to do, or didn't do.

Next year, I have two big goals:

1) Enjoy my life as an artist/weaver, and live like one, doing the things artists/weavers do. Experiment more and try new things.

2) Open my wee Esty store and make it as lovely and girly as I like.

And one small goal:

3) Loose weight, exercise more, spend some time and energy on my appearance. Because it will be good for my head as well. I am getting old and am frequently spooked by the woman in shop windows looking back at me. Use it, or loose it, right?

And a few on the Wish List:

4) Set up an accounting system of some sort, finally.

5) Update my website.

6) Get my head around Esty, (hopefully before I start on my wee store,) Online Guild (UK), Hand/Eye, The Big Idea & Weavolution. Or chuck the computer out the window from our second/first (not ground) floor office and be happy!

7) Try not to plan too much ahead or make lists.

Happy 2010, Everyone! May all our warps be colorful, or nuanced, heavenly to the touch, and your tension even and obliging.

(The stained-glass lamp shade was made by my friend of 25 years, Chiaki Ohta Nakamura, in Japan. She has become a veteran stained glass artist and an almost-Yoga instructor; I hope we can get together in January.)


  1. Happy New Year, Meg!
    My number one goal is just to get back to my loom soon. Life's events derailed me big time. I have been spinning.
    I think the key is not to set goals but just wishes. And I think enjoying what you do is paramount!
    Let's hope for a good one!

  2. And to you, Susan. 11 hours and 10 minutes to go, for me. I know what you mean, but with spinning, you're not too far away from the loom.

    Oh, this post started as such a short sweet one, but it got longer and longer, as usual. ^%$#@!!

  3. Happy New Year and New Decade!!!

    You've got some great ideas and hopes for the new year. Here's to them going to fruition in ways bigger than you can even imagine right now!


  4. Thank you, Sue. I think I can use some "bigger than I can even imagine right now" things!


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