Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday: Because I Need More Yarns...

The following Monday, Ronette emailed me asking if I needed some lease sticks and yarns; if I didn't need them they were going into the skip right away. Naturally I said yes, and they were delivered within a couple of hours!

Neither of us thought she had any weaving stuff left in her house, but while cleaning out the basement she found yet another lot way in the back of somewhere, blocking the way to her daughter's stuff even further back.

I sure could use more sticks. Some of the smaller balls were "leftovers" from the larger balls I was given way back, (one huge box of delicious wools!) with which I wove something for my family. Most of Ronette's yarns are old wool and none of the superwash "nonsense", so they will wet finish properly. I'm particularly enamored by the hand-spun single white wool.

A box and a bag held dyed samples, with color proportions noted; these will come useful when I, you know, finally, start to you-know-what.


  1. OMG they are gorgeous, who could help but thread the loom. Are they Little Wool Co skeins? Lovely Chrissie present.

  2. Yes, some were, and some were hand-spun. There was even a warp chain in the mix!!


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