Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday: Nancy's Faux Chenille and Not So Textile "Lunch" VII

Three weeks ago Friday, I had lunch with Nancy to discuss a swap; one of my scarves for a small piece of her faux chenille fabric. Last year she made a jacket in faux chenille, and ever since I wanted something in it. I asked for a piece a little larger than a place mat, intending to make a small bag, and we picked out the fabrics at her house.

This is Nancy's jacket swatch she gave me, which I've been carrying around for months.

This is the fabric she made for me, in little over a week, and now I'm thinking I might want to make a book cover for a special book instead of a bag. Thinking, thinking...

This is a close up of my fabric, which shows the faux chenille construction.

This is the scarf I gave her.

In the evening, the Textile Lunch girls came to my house for the last get-together this year. There were two vegetarians and one non-wheat-eater, and the conversation centered mostly on food and recipes. (Doesn't it often, this time of the year??) But we talked a little about conformism, and medicating mental health sufferers, and what would have happened if the likes of Vincent had been medicated and his behavior/character modified. And whether over-medication is reducing/threatening art of now and the future. Yayoi Kusama's exhibition came up as Rose and Rosie had seen it and Ali and possibly Andrea were going. I don't remember the discussion, though, because that exhibition is still bah humbug to me.

Besides/instead of the lunches, in 2010 the Lunchers will be getting together to view art docos in the evenings, organized by Rosie and myself. We're looking forward to that.


  1. oh yes, I'm familiar with the fabric construction, Have seen it used in quilting projects. Very clever isn't it? Imagine it with painted silks! Ooh lala! By the way, I think she got the best of the deal! Your scarf! GOrgeous!

  2. Mine is mostly cotton, and I can't stop rubbing the ribs with my hand, I'm turning into a cat (and the fabric is getting grungy, I bet.) Silk would be love, but just as rubbable? I'm not sure.


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