Designers/Weavers Need to Step Up?

I found this post via Dr John Maeda's tweet. In a roundabout way, it ties in what I've been thinking of. If we, I, feel the profile of handwoven textiles, (and not textile art,) need to be raised, particularly in the art world, I believe weavers, I, need to step up in making technically excellent (whatever that word means to you,) and aesthetically pleasing (including "challenging") work and and grab every chance to get the textile exposed.

I don't know how to reconcile this with pleasurable weaving, following recipes, or recreating a cloth, which I also think is worthy.

I've felt I need to step up for a while. At least high enough to justify the prices the galleries charge for my work. And this is as good a day as any to be remind myself of it.


Dana and Daisy said...

dear meg, your work is exquisite, a bargain to have and hold at any price. love, dana

Meg said...

Dana, thanks. I was having a really bad moment yesterday reading an email about my work that someone else wrote - I almost love a negative, mean criticism in preference to a complement... They are easier to take, that's for sure.