Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday: Drawing, Andrea, and Julie

Two weeks ago Friday was the last day of the year of figure/life drawing class. We could do anything we wanted to, so I used very bright pastels of different values and made neon-like drawings. I won't be signing up for the first term next year because of the home trip, so it's bye-bye to my friends until the second term, though I'm sure I'll be seeing Ronette in the meantime.

Instead of joining the rest of the class for lunch, I met up with Andrea Chandler. Among other things we talked about guilt (and my triple whammy) because I felt a tad guilty not going to the class lunch, but I really wanted to see Andrea one-on-one instead of in the Textile group.

Andrea is a textile artist but she doesn't worry much about the heady stuff. But she has studied art and textiles, and in speaking to her, I discovered she has a huge toolbox full of knowledge, understanding and methods with which to make her art. Which is what I suspected all along, but it was nice to confirm, because I no longer feel like an ostrich trying to study design with Ali, but that one day what I learn will come a little more naturally to me.

And then I met with Julie Catchpole, the director of the Suter Gallery and a textile lover. I wanted her thoughts on textile/fiber art, particularly in comparison to those of Anna's, in preparation for the textile awards. Smart woman, that Julie; we talked for an hour but in the end she didn't tell me much, except that I should make what I want to make. But I did come out of her office freed and empowered.

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