Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Meeting a Weaver/Blogger

I started blogging Unravelling at the end of April, 2006, and I've gotten to know some of you fairly well. That's those of you I have never met in person. I've even spoken to Taueret over the Tasman a few times, and that was wonderful, to put a voice to the words and photos you've become familiar with!

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet, in person, another weaver/blogger for the first time. Someone from quite afar, as a matter of fact. Because there are no weaving stores in Nelson, we'll probably be seeing the sites in the region, visiting one or two art galleries, maybe taste wine or local beer, or go pick berries. We might squeeze in the Bead Gallery, I'm not sure. I'm so excited, because we spoke on the phone today, and I know she really exists!

More here tomorrow, OK?

(I met Dianne before she started blogging, so I do know one blogger, you could say!)


  1. Thanks, Sue. You know her - I've just read all of her posts in her blog and there I found a photo from your blog. Now you know whom?

  2. Oh this is fun! I wish I could be transported! Have a great visit!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I will. I hope. But I'm a bit nervous.

  4. i'm jealous. maybe we could come to nelson on vaca next year! ha ha!


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