A Day with Doni

Ben and I spent a lovely day with Donatella of Doni's Deli and Her Dearest. That's them!

The day started with heavy-ish rain, we were running late, I missed a phone message from Doni, but we finally caught up at The Suter for morning coffee. Almost as soon as I sat down, I had to ask Doni to demonstrate the bag construction she posted almost a year ago, of which I could not make sense then, nor last night. But when she showed me, it seemed quite simple, even for me, so I'd like to make one for me, and a tiny one for my almost-four-year-old niece.

(Please excuse my berry-stained finger; read on.)

We had a look around The Suter, while stopping often for weaving talk, then had a walk on the beach on Rabbit Island. Doni and Dearest bring lovely whether to wherever they go; look at the sky when we arrived there,

And the Michelangelo sky just a short while later after our walk!

Remembering her love of Scandinavian designs, we went to Hogland Art Glass, after which they headed east, and Ben and I went berry picking again.

Or course the day was much too short to talk fully about weaving and her experience at Bradford, (I learned that she did not live in England for a year,) and about designs and what's happening in Italian textiles and hand weaving, but we had a lovely day, and thought it sounds so trite, Doni was lovely and spirited and very well informed. And we had a fabulous day.

Thank you Doni and Her Dearest! Maybe we will show up in Italy one day. Now, cercherò di noci verdi, si?


  1. That's great that you got to meet!! I was wondering if it would be a blogger I recognized...and yes, it was!!

    Looks like you had a great day, and now you have a great excuse (as if you'd need one) to visit Italy!


  2. Sounds like a great day and best of all, you enjoyed it. You've had an eventful few days and survived it all. Now have a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2010 to you and Ben. xx

  3. It was fabulous, but, you know, when meeting other weavers, there is never enough time to ask all the questions I want to ask, especially of someone with such understanding of design like Doni!

    Sue, I've seen your bag on her blog, remember that one?

    Carol, I'm glad you survived - and all the best to you and your clan, too. I'm getting ready to test a recipe, wink, wink!

  4. Hi Meg, and thank you again for the lovely post! We are now safe and sound in Wellington, getting on towards the end of our holiday. New Zealand is indeed a magic country, full of fantastic people!

  5. And you really brought the good weather, Doni. Thank YOU for that!


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