Another Week Gone?

We had the roof and the house washed today; it was very expensive, but I knew I'd love it, and I feel great. I feel exfoliated, shedding 2009, sparkling clean. And while all that was going on, I made Marlborough Weavers blog posts for when I'm away, so I'm safe until early March in that work. That's one thing off my To Do list.

This weekend, Ben and I are going to a picture framing workshop. It's starts at the ungodly hour (to me) of 8.30AM, but among other things I'm very interested in how to frame small textile samples.

I've still loads of things to tell you from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe next week.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Life Looms Large said...

Wow - done with something until early March! Fabulous!!! (I am never that far ahead with anything - well except I'm done gardening or mowing the lawn til then....but that's because of snow!)


Meg said...

Sue, I had to. That's one of those things on my To Do list, many items on which I will never get done in this lifetime, but this was one committment I made to others, and needed their cooperation, and a nice thing to do when you've got workman in/around your house...

Beats talking about things that have been on my To Do lists for over a decade! :-D