Cherry Blossom Blanket Finally Started

After finally getting the Cherry Blossom Blanket warp ready so I started winding the weft, and lo, the dye lot changed! I knew this all along, but was in total denial until today. This is the fourth 1kg cone from this source with dye lot change midstream. In one case I had three dye lots on one cone. I'm disappointed because I've always asked for yarns from the same dye lot on each cone, and if they had less than the weight I asked for, that was fine. And because this source's yarns are so pricey.

Never mind. Luckily, I hadn't started weaving, so I'm using only the second, inside, lot as weft. Which, incidentally, is the same as the sample I saw when I ordered this colorway, paler and gentler. This weft softens the brasher peach-pink in the warp and gives the blanket a bit more blurred look I wanted.

This is a merino boucle, and I know it will fluff up, but I'm packing in the weft; I want this to be a hefty, weighty blanket, rather than a fluffy "big shawl". And since this is a nap-on-the-couch blanket, and my brother (172cm) is the one who naps on my parents' couch most often, I'll keep on weaving until I run out of either the warp or the weft, or the fabric builds up too high on the cloth beam.

It's weaving slowly, but it's a carefree piece, so no stress. The draft is the same as the baby blanket I wove in November, but the diamonds may be a little more squashed.

I'm also considering washing this in the washing machine. I've never done this but this would be a good one to try, perhaps. Or not. Let's get the weaving done first.

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