Thursday, December 17, 2009

Images from the North Island Trip

Our North Island trip feels such a long time ago, but it was a nice little road trip, from Wellington to Napier via the inland road, and back the coastal way.

On our way home, we went to see Yayoi Kusama's installation, "Mirrored Years" at the Wellington City Gallery. As it was not at all crowded, in the spirit of the artist, I tried jumping up and down, and ran back and forth, in front of her paintings, and sat on the floor looking at things from different angles at her installation, but I just did not get it. I didn't see the point of making art that did not mean anything to me. And I concluded it was okay that as a genre I really dislike installation/conceptual art; I'll just have to wait until I see something I like. But I did enjoy seeing the big McCahon at Victoria University again.

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