Monday, December 28, 2009

I Survived an Interview

There is a new New Zealand-based craft and baking podcast called Crafternoon Tea with Granny G. I just had an interview, and I'm starting to feel a little sick, trying to remember how I sounded.

Genny contacted me about 10 days ago. I knew about her weekly podcast for a few months but had never listened to it until she contacted me. (Not being one to jump on to new technology quickly, you see.) But I loved Genny's relaxed way of talking, and I wouldn't miss a chance to blather about weaving, so I agreed.

We had made an appointment for 5 PM today. I jotted down things I could talk about, key names, years, phrases... which turned into 3 pages on A3 sheets, but in huge letters. I went to the loo a couple of times, placed two glasses of cold water in front of me. I had practiced speaking slowly and calmly all week, trying to sound mature and intelligent, but of course the second it started all that practice had come to no avail; I was on autopilot, the rapid-fire, bullet-flying, train-wreck-y, gushing, repeating, mumbling self, which should be familiar to those of you who know me in person. Not at all the persona I was going to adopt for this very occasion.

She left me alone to go on, (and on), which, you know, I can manage. I covered many of the things I wrote, but the order was all wrong, and I wasn't funny as I had hoped. In fact, I sounded a little serious in places!! And the funniest bits may have been left out...

Anyway, it was interesting to think of "me and weaving" again in preparation, and instead of writing here, or talking to myself, quite loudly from time to time, it was nice to speak to another person about my favorite subject. Despite in a fragmented, disjointed way it came out.

The interview and more baking tips will be available from Genny's website in early January.


  1. The Interview was done on Skype, but I don't have a camera, so an "ideal" situation for me, I think. Boy, now I can't stop shaking. If you've never met me, you'll find out what a motormouth I am!

  2. I can't wait to hear it Meg!! Post a link when it's available!

  3. I swear, Star, I used to be far more articulate at 17 - or even at 47!


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