Monday, December 21, 2009

I Will Never, Never, Never, Never, Never...

Again tie a warp with boucle in it, especially in a double-width project, ever, as long as I remember this warp. Ever.

It's taken me a couple of hours a while back, and the whole afternoon today, and I have about 50cm more to wind. But I'm sticking with it because it's such a spongy warp and with the same boucle in the weft, it'll be pretty forgiving of this hysterically uneven tension. And it's looking cute and cheerful.

Oppos, camera ran out of juice; I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Nice colors!!!! Is this the Cherry Blossom Blanket to be, you´re working on? Looks like you could need a hand or two to help you with the sponginess.... :)

  2. Sounds like my silk warp(s) from hell, of the past. Can't wait to see the finished piece! Hugs and Happy Holidays!

  3. I hope it turns out wonderful to make this extra work worthwhile.

  4. Thank you, Ladies. Yes, it's been trying my hot temper, but fingers crossed, I will start weaving this today. Nah, no sampling for this. I just have to make sure there are not too many droopy warp ends.


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