Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday: End of 2009 for Marlborogh Weavers

The day after the last Textile Lunch evening, Ben and I drove to Picton for the end of the year meeting of Marlborough Weavers. I was able to attend only one during the year, so it was important I went. Besides, I had to relieve Rose Pelvin from photographer duty for at least this one last meeting.

We arrived quite a bit late; but the portion I attended I recorded on the group blog. And there are/will be around a dozen bag pictures there over the next couple of months.

The overwhelming impression I got from this group was the joy of making things. Most of us are weavers, craftspersons if you want to put us in a box, and there wasn't the overt anguish and tribulations which I associate with art-marking. We poo-poo at concepts and art education talks, even though we do incorporate these things in our work without thinking, or worrying about them. We are a happy bunch when we are in this group, even if other parts of our lives are not going so well, and I know my life is a beach compared to some others.

It's not my artist friends or Textile Lunch group, mind you, that is so concerned about the heady stuff; it's me, and the feeling I have to combat those heady stuff so what I make qualifies as art. Guilt comes easily when you grow up a Japanese female in a Catholic convent school.

So I keep trying to reconcile the two parts of me; I hope one day they will merge.

Oh, one of the reasons we were late was because we stopped by at Havelock's Four Square store to buy me an iconic, affordable New Zealand commercial art piece, the reusable shopping bag with Dick Frizzell's Four Square man. Notice the man on the bag doesn't have a pencil above his ear; the older version does.

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