Thursday, December 24, 2009

And More Ho! Ho! Ho!

So, you wouldn't expect to come to Unravelling and not have a few laughs once in a while, would you? Yesterday, I spent five hours looking for my keys. It had been 2.5 weeks since I left home on my own, and I needed them and though I had the spare keys, I needed to find my set. I upended my drawing kit, my to-iron basket, moved the dryer and the washing machine, (but not the fridge,) checked both cars, Ben's drawers, fabric stash and likely kitchen drawers all to no avail. I even shook some books and notebooks I use often. I had a shower to have a clam moment.


Just as I was resigned to going out without it, I thought of something and lifted the said binder. Because some sheets of paper were sticking out from the top, and there they were, my keys, under the sheets that were sticking out from the top of the binder. Which I didn't see when I lifted the binder. About 10cm (3 inches) from where my wallet, phone and lip gloss alwyas are!

Five hours!

Then, this morning I discovered two weavers are spending their holidays in New Zealand! Stop by if you're in Nelson if you feel like it. I can email you a map to my house and phone numbers! I'm really not scary or grumpy. Most of the time!


  1. Happy holidays to you, Meg, and a productive & creative new year!

  2. Thank you, Susan, and to you, too!


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