Saturday, December 26, 2009

Breaking Tradition?

We spent Christmas Day totally not the way I planned.

Because of the two-week holiday in November and/or berry picking Christmas Eve afternoon, Ben was not in the zombie-like state he usually is on Christmas morning and was up and about well before 8AM. Having only one new cookbook, (Boo hoo!), even I reluctantly and a little begrudgingly was up before 9AM. Where to next?

I got the berry, custard+Christmas Pudding, yogurt, and strong coffee, and we watched an old B&W movie. Then we went to feed the neighbor's cat. If it hadn't been so hot and humid, we might have even gone out weeding, but instead, Ben watched a bunch of Christmas movies, and I went downstairs to weave Mom's blanket some more.

This slow weaving, and I became a little annoyed; about a quarter of the blanket done in an equivalent of half a day. The weft is spongy and I have to make the arc carefully in every pick. Even the camera was having a day off and refused to focus on the boucle.

Hold on, this is double width, so that's equal to two half days for one shawl, so it's pretty much my standard pace.

Then I did something I haven't as long as I remember: I cooked a bird (only a big chicken), with stuffing, potatoes, and a salad! And two and a half hours later we were sitting down to a proper dinner, followed by more custard+Christmas Pudding+berries.

I'm not sure if it was a fluke, or a change in direction. I personally hope it's the former. It's so strange for us to have such a normal Christmas, really, but it was just as nice.

Today, we're off to the hardware store Boxing Day sale. And then Nancy and hubby Mark are coming for supper. At this rate, probably no weaving time, but perhaps an inch or so at the end of the day?


  1. Happy Boxing Day, Meg. That blanket for your mother is looking beautiful. I love the colours.

  2. Thanks, Carol. It's all early spring cherry tree colors. Well, the pink is a little saturated, but you get the gist...

  3. Sounds like an ideal way to spend Christmas. No getting annoyed with the blanket now; its love for your Mum. Enjoy the slow pace for a change.
    Curious as to what you got at the hardware store?

  4. A waterblaster! I've wanted one to clean around the house for ages, but we wondered about small/versatile vs big/powerful, and settled on the smallish/versatile. It's not a magical machine, though, and it takes some effort to wash moss off retaining wall, for examaple. But it works!

  5. Sounds like a really nice holiday - even though I'm still jealous of the fresh berries!!

    Your weaving is beautiful.


  6. And we might go picking again, today or tomorrow!


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