2/60 and 2/20 Cottons

Peg, I knew I had this information somewhere - and I've finally found it in their price list, whilst looking at their special April sale. Cough, cough...

100g of 2/60 cotton yields approximately 3000 meters. That's 3.56 onces for 3282 yards.
100g of 2/20 cotton yields approximately 1000 meters. Likewise 3.56 onces for 1094 yards.


Peg in South Carolina said...

Thanks for checking. I'm still quite amazed. If I sett my 60/2 silk, which is twice as fine as your cotton, at that epi, if I could even weave it, it would be totally warp faced! One more question. How many picks per inch are you getting on this warp? Surely nothing close to 160............?

Meg said...

Heavens, no, something between 30+ and 40. I'll have to count. Fewer with the first draft because it had more plain weave area, a bit more tight in the second draft because 2-1 twill is easier to open.

Actually, the second draft had 496 in a repeat, I wove 6 repeats to get approximately 182cm which is ... 71.65 inches??