Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cotton Reconsidered

On Tuesday I had some of my small cotton scarves in my pack, so I asked Jay Farnsworth if she would like them at the Red Gallery, and she said no. We laughed because it was for the exact reason I myself wondered about the wisdom of weaving with these skinny cotton yarns when I started out: price wise, I would be completing with less expensive imports.

I enjoy my cottons, so I don't think I'll stop for a while, but as products, they look like the stuff that sells for one-tenth of the price just down the road. In fact, some of those imports are far superior in design and technique. And while Jay can see the work I put into mine, she prefers I stock the Red with cashmeres and merinos and other lovely textured fibers. Fair enough.

So today must have been Thursday because I threaded the mad cotton warp. Whatever I end up with is not going to be terribly soft. Today I remembered I was thinking of light and wind when I planned this warp. We have tall houses to our east and north, so our house is shadier until later; I was thinking about waking up early in the morning in the summer and watching the black sky turn lighter and warmer as the day progressed. I guess I'm up to late afternoon now.

At least I'm up to 12 inches; four to go.


  1. pretty pretty colours

  2. I'm hoping I can finish threading today. Then, among other things, I can clip my fingernails, which have been very useful, but have gotten a tad annoyingly long, Lynne.

  3. put the cotton scarves on etsy. or send them to your friends. cough cough

  4. Hee hee... Cough cough...


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