Scattered Thoughts

Several thoughts are dancing around in my head. One thought I'd like to work on and share with you in a coherent way, if not for your benefit, then mine. I'm not being mysterious, but at this point, photos of some of your works are spiraling in my head, and I'm hoping they will settle in a way that will inform me what I'm thinking.

Another; I resolved to not bore you with updates on the house nor the threading until they are completely finished. I'm nearly done threading, would have finished had I not had tradesmen show up today, but I now see the house thing is eventually going to end this century. And that's a relief for me, and I'm sure, for you.

All week I've had Reba McEntire's Duets CD playing in the background, sometimes really loud, sometimes just audible. I wished I could speak like her. I've always loved Southern US diction, and hers sound thick and syrupy and so personal. As a linguist, I've been interested in socio-, racial/ethnic and generational, and the obvious, regional dialects. As a translator, I'm enamored by untranslatable sentiments and nuances. Her singing and lyrics satisfy me in many fronts.

We have a long weekend coming up, an hour longer than usual. Daylight savings ends at 2AM Sunday. Have a good weekend, everybody.

PS. Thus far 51 has felt the same as 50; I'm still threading one end at a time.


Geodyne said...

You are the cryptic one today! ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing where these thoughts land.

Meg said...

Not so much me, Geodyne, but those pictures! See??? This one, and that one, and... and... and we haven't even opened the bottle of bubbly yet!

Geodyne said...

Oh, just leave the opening of the bottle of bubbly to me. I'm very good at finding excuses to do that.

Meg said...

Come over in 3 minutes - you can bring your man as we have four glasses!