Periodic Table

Cally discovered a video about Erbium from University of Nottingham; it explains how sending video clips over the Internet was made possible with this element. And it turns out a small group of Physicist are posting short video clips of every element on the periodic table.

All of Lynne's creative adventures have been making me think and look outside of my tiny square of scarf making, and one of the ideas is to weave a series based on the Periodic Table. It's my attempt to strengthen a tenuous relationship with my Dad who was a Chemistry professor when I was growing up.

But having found Physic far more interesting and straight-forward to understand (at school level) than Chemistry, I wasn't sure how I was going to approach, (read: "begin to start thinking about approaching",) this project. And talk with Dad I do, but his perspective is entirely chemical, which doesn't help.

So, Cally, this might be the big boost I needed to dwell or daydream on the subject. Thanks a million.


Anonymous said...

Don't thank me - thank radio 4 and Prof Martyn Poliakoff! This was my lunchtime listening yesterday and then of course I simply HAD to go and click on the links... (Always happy to take any credit going though)

Meg said...

Sure you can, take the credit. I heard it from you! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

the chemistry could also come out in the dying of the fibers. Then the colors become the squares in the table. Look at Janes rainbow blanket for her sister on Shuttle Pilot.


It could be more tapestry like.


It could be a video documentation of the dialogue between your father and you.

It could be ......

What does it want to be?
I find the blank page to be the biggest challenge.

Meg said...

Wow! Lynne! WOW!!