Celia, Cecily and Moa

©Celia Allison; posted with permission

Earlier this week I was flabbergasted to receive my most favorite New Zealand artist/card producer Celia Allison's newsletter, not because I received it, but because she said the 2010 Cecily calendars were ready! My 2009 just started last Friday, didn't it?

I always liked Cecily greeting cards; her subjects cover being single, not having kids, being confused by computers/accountants/dentists, having too many carry on luggage when flying, credit cards and Christmas, doing the dishes, and the list goes on. A couple of years ago I noticed for the first time Cecily is not only a Kiwi girl, but a Mainland Girl, from Lyttleton near Christchurch!

I also knew Celia had another brand, but I had trouble going to her other web site once, so I didn't check it until this week, and it turns out Celia is also responsible for Moa, another favorite of mine, which I often use to send overseas.

I've never met Celia, but sure would like to if we ever head down that way. I often get Celia and Cecily confused, but I doubt Celia would mind.

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