The Last Word

Every time I see the photo I used in my previous post, I fall into a "Let Us Pray" moment of silence. That is my favorite of Taueret's scarves and photos, but I couldn't walk away without showing you these in case you didn't go to her Flickr. Just can't leave a good post to stand on its own without interjecting a few more words, or pics in this case.

All photos were posted by permission; ©Taueret_Spins, 2008


  1. "Let us pray" moment - What expression! Never herd, and still... I get speechless.

  2. I am a lapsed Catholic, KD. I think "Let us pray" and my head goes down automatically and my mind silent. It's actually a good device to force me to contemplate without words.

  3. And I'm still scrutinizing your pics.

  4. gorgeous, really, makes me think I should try harder.


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