Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Difference Between... / Iceland

I've been wondering what the difference is between taking oneself seriously vs. taking what one does seriously. I don't think I do the former, but I'd like to the latter, and I don't think the latter precludes enjoying or loving it.

Meanwhile, our daylight savings ended at 2AM Sunday. I don't have much of a biological clock so it doesn't bother me like it seems to some others, but I feel slightly out of sync with the rest of the world because of that one hour.

Did you know that Iceland is the only place that sticks to GMT all year around? And Japan doesn't have daylight savings, though it did shortly after The War, and my school used to start 30 min earlier for a short while before the summer holiday.


  1. About time.... I still have monday, and summertime (just started a week ago).

    And I would love to go to Iceland, they do have some crisis there. If I could afford the flight they could use some tourist money.

  2. I'd go, in the summer!


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