Third Blogaversary/Blogiversary

Three years and 830 posts; if nothing else, you know I am not a woman of few words.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday I discovered blogging and started Unravelling; occasionally I feel I'm saying the same thing for the millionth time and I should just drop it. But in trying to be a good weaver and a better person, I guess I am bound to discover recurring themes to reflect upon. And the only thing I know today is unlike most anything else, living longer doesn't make life easier; there are, always, things to learn or unlearn or discover or rediscover or try again. It's only very recently that I began to think it's the journey that counts, so I can stop looking for approval or rewards.

Mama told me two things when I was threes: that my personality had settled, so from then on I'd better try darn hard to straighten out, and that the day I stop wanting to learn is the day I die. I can tell you I'm still trying to straighten out, and I still need to learn a bunch of things.

Thank you all for coming along and helping me do both.

Passport photo, 1961
Megumi, aged 3


  1. Happy blogaversary! I've enjoyed a lot of those posts, that is all you have written since I found you in this virtual world!
    (Wow, just looked at the number of posts I've made in two years - 285! I have a ways to go to catch up!)

  2. Thank you, Susan. This is one place where quality is definitely more important than quantity, though. And I do "have a look at this" posts, as well as introduce New Zealand artists and such... Not to mention I've always had words spilling out of every orifice, so you all get bombarded by them.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Meg! 830 posts, wow! I'm coming up on 300, which totally amazes me. Hope you'll do something fun to celebrate! And Happy May Day, too.

  4. Fine words of wisdom and an adorable photo.

  5. Thank you, ladies. Some live so-called friends have called my attention to words dribbling down my chin!! Some are relieved I've discovered blogging, but I'm so rude, I actually say, "read the blog" some days when they want me to go over what I've been up to in the last x months!

  6. Congratulations Meg, that's a lot of interesting posts you've written. I think you're right, it is the journey that counts but sometimes it's hard to get that into perspective. We all still need to learn a bunch of things so don't feel it's just you. And all those words mean that you're a good communicator. Oh, and what a good idea - for you and Ben to come to NSW. I'll get to Picton maybe in spring or after Christmas so it would be lovely to see you before that.

  7. Thank you, Carol. We're looking at the trans-Tasman fares carefully. Ben's never seen Sydney, so it'll be great for him, too.


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