Red Update

Bearing in mind the possibility of discontinuing my artist/gallery relationship as well, I went to see Jay this morning. And we agreed on most everything, from the lack of accuracy in my work to Jay having been too busy to talk to me or train me, to both of us being too emotionally vested in this relationship, and we agreed we'd rather stay good friends than part acrimoniously. So, I no longer work for her, but she remains my agent. And we were both relieved.

I also test-drove Scarf Two, still unfinished but the ends hidden in knots, and discovered I loved the weight and hand, (quite heavy and "wet",) but the overall length should be at least one more half-day's worth or about 1500 picks longer, if not more. So the last piece off of this loom could be the best piece yet.

This is Jesse the new cafe staff at Red and her cake stand, which was likened to a jewelry box by one customer. Jesse has a sister who owns a cafe on the North Island; the sign on the sister's purple car reads: "All the food for as much as it costs!!"


  1. An amicable agreement is definitely worth a cake! And I agree with the verdict on the cakestand - gorgeous.

  2. Hi, Cally! She does this thing with berries and apples or pear - a tiny cake wrapped in paper and tied with strings that's mind-blowingly, tear-indusingly beautiful!!

  3. a big sigh of relief! yes indeed.
    Now you can focus on that scarf, yes?

  4. Yes, and am emphatic yes, Lynne. And the test-driven cotton is so nice I'm secretly thinking 160EPI isn't so bad. But not right away.

  5. Hi Meg, glad you got things sorted out with Jay. Life's too short to be leaving misunderstandings between people who need to get along ;) Being friends is about being able to talk, don't you think?

  6. Yes, I do, Dorothy!!!


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