Key to Fighting with Husband

I hate having less than enthusiastic posts at the top, so I'll share with you a non-weaving but typically-me story.

We wrote our own oaths when we got married. I wish we could find them, but we committed them to memory, so I'm not sure if we kept our scripts. Mine was on a back of a receipt or similar anyway... They were short, but my last point was that I'd fight cleanly.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Ben challenged me as to how we were going to start cleaning the kitchen, and I got so fed up, not with his challenge per se, but the whole project and I wanted him to do as I planned, (because that's all I do most days - plan how to clean this mess,) and I went into a tirade. He knew I've been under stress, and we followed our standard protocol regarding our "fights"; he listens quietly without walking away, and I go on until I reach my own conclusion, usually within 3-5 minutes, and we laugh and I apologize for raising my voice.

On Sunday, it was more like 5-7 minutes, and I was louder than I imagined possible, but as I was running out of things to say, I thought I needed to wrap it up by explaining to Ben in ways he could understand. So I said, "Clean shelf box here, dishes from dirty shelf box here, and the two don't touch!" And we fall on the floor laughing.

If you don't understand where I'm coming from, please review the first video here.


  1. heh I think we had the same fight yesterday, or I did... kitchen my territory, your box shouldn't be in here at all.

  2. Problem being, Ben's probably cooked far more dinners in the last 10 years in this kitchen. Sad to admit, but...


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