How Much Is Your Handwoven?

Most of you subscribe to Weavezine, I'd imagine, but there is an article about costing your work here in case you were unaware.

It's a good article if you've never seen anything like this, but never works for me, the slooooo weaver. Once in a small business seminar, my group figured one of my scarves cost something like $500 for labor alone, and the same scarf, according to my then-accountant's formula, demanded $700 for the same. If I tallied the hours I work on a piece, I would be the most expensive handweaver alive, but that's my problem. And if I skimped on material, I won't be able to weave things nice enough for me to want to sell.

Sorry, didn't mean to diss the good article; this is a sticky point for me.


desiree said...

That must bee the most important, to be able to be proud of your work.

Meg said...

Well, to me it is, and fortunately I've been able to stick to some expensive yarns... But I couldn't without Ben and his regular job, Desiree.