Using Satin Weave

The foot looks terrible, but functions well. Thank you. I wove 120cm of the troublesome cotton warp today in one of the diamond-shaped drafts and gold weft.

I have a question, about satin weave. Can Satin weave be used to create interesting 'designs', other than a) in creating beautiful planes, or b) in stripes/blocks? I think there is a though brewing in my head but I don't think I can execute it in satin.

Oh, this warp has been troublesome. Good thing at least the tension is uniform.


amy@amyfibre.com said...

If I understand your question right, yes, satin can be used to make "designs"...if you have enough shafts. If you are doing 5-end satin, each block of the design will require 5 shafts, etc.


Meg said...

I'm not sure what I was thinking last night, Amy, but I don't want blocks, and this morning, I'm thinking I was thinking of jacquard... We'll see what I'll be thinking later today.


Damn, you knocked your foot good. WOW, that looks like it hurts real bad. ((hugs and healing prayers for you))

Meg said...

It doesn't hurt much after the first day, though the bruise was a bit tender, and the foot works well. There is a big lump that may stay and that's the annoying part for me.