Friday, January 21, 2011

Autum Approaching

January 21, getting ready for lunch.

It's been cooler for a couple of days, my favorite kind of mood, where Summer is having to admit it's not going to last forever. We both know we'll have another blast of heat come February, but I feel settled for now.

But this is the worst time of year for creatures stirring under the roof at night. I hadn't slept well for several nights so I took half a sleeping pill.  This morning I woke up rested but dazed, and have been floating in the house like a silly character from a ghost story.

I'm glad all the pots are still lined up against the retaining wall and the house; there's a bit of lovely wind blowing today; makes me think of my soul moving to a different place a la Chocolat.

I'm having an early lunch, them weaving the last red scarf, ready or not. I'd really like to get the loom ready for the next Log Cabin (or something like it) warp.


  1. We are freezing here in UK.Makes me quite envious watching your garden grow. Looking forward to your next warp

  2. Compared to many places in the world, Nelson's climate is really very seriously mild and temperate, but I still look forward to the glorious autumns. Which is waiting in the wings now. Yay!


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