Overnight Rain, Clovers, and Inadvertently Busy

January 13. We had some overnight rain, with or without which the clovers are coming up with a vengeance now that the coast is clear, though the edible leaves including those forcefully relocated Saturday are doing well.

With the tax work dropped off at the accountant's office, I was looking forward to a lovely, solitary few of days of weaving.  However, in a few minutes, you will find me frantically trying to childproof the living room, the loo and the kitchen and tidy at least the approach to the front door.

Yukiko and Kazuki from Auckland, lovely friends on their tenth wedding anniversary trip, are coming over for a "Kiwi" barbie tonight.  With them their two little daughters, (they are good girls but one may be too young to understand a weaver has scissors, needles, and all sorts of other dangerous or delicate things strategically place all over the house), and Yukiko's parents.  Even though I'd rather spend more of my time weaving than gardening, it is at times like these I feel terribly embarrassed and guilty about being a slack housewife.  I feel the primordial Japanese-female-ness creep up expecting older Japanese people - a combination that makes me sit up straight and see my lifestyle from a more conventional perspective.  Plus, usually in Nelson this time of the year, I could have concentrated on improving the outside and cleaning just the loo, but there is rain forecast, wouldn't you know!! 

Still, Yukiko and Kazuki are funky, stress-free couple, so I forgive them for being conscientious veggie gardeners, and I know we'll have a lovely,memorable evening.  I have first-time textile visitors Saturday night, too, so you could say it's two birds with one stone. Or a boulder.  

And a shout-out to Yoko in Kyushu: I hope it's OK for me to show Yukiko your Christmas card.  Let me know your current email address, please? 


Sunny -- aka Matriarch said...

Clean the bathroom, try to get the sharp things put somewhere safe, light candles that smell good and throw soft, lovely light in the rooms where you will have guests. Greet them with love and affection and everything else will fade away. I understand your feelings. I'm a horrid housekeeper. Horrid. But our friends love us whether our toilets are sparkly clean or not.

Meg said...

Wise words. We also have picture frames on the floor - suppose they need to hide, too.

Right-o, Mom. Also, Dot told me to get some paper and pencil and other things to entertain the kiddies. Check.

They're really not bad kids; I'm just so not used to kids, and I keep comparing them to my nephews and niece, who are... spoiled.