How Many Posts Shall I En/title "Lettuce"?

January 8.  We had crazy wind and blaring sun yesterday, and the ground looked dry, but thanks to the rain on Thursday, the ground under the surface was sufficiently moist.  I know this because when I watered, the water stayed on the surface and created small pools, whereas last week before the rain, no matter how much I watered, it went right though as if through a sieve.

I am happy to see the quick regeneration of lettuce in the lower right quadrant.  And some (most) of what I thought was new weed growth in the on the top right quadrant turned out to be the rocket I sewed on Tuesday.  I must have spilled the seeds for them to create an L-shape, because I thought I made two short horizontal rows.  Basil at the far end is taking off now that I've removed the bolted rocket and the sun hits them directly.

Ben likes to keep the green onions until the moment he wants to use them; I'm tempted to take them all out and weed and put bok choi in.  I've left the lower left quadrant empty so I can kneel and weed between the onions; must do this really soon.  


Life Looms Large said...

As many posts as you need to!

Sometimes when I'm out for my daily run, I think about titles for different blog posts....I can imagine lettuce titles obsessing me if I were in your shoes!


Meg said...

Sue, do you mind obsessing about lettuce for a wee while and letting me know if you come across a good tittle? We're not even 1/3 of the way through the month and I'm almost stuck.