January 3: watered and ever-so-slightly weeded lettuce patch; the dying/dead spinach plants were taken out.  

It's only the third day, and I got out of bed wondering what on earth I'm doing chronicling my lettuce patch.

Last night was so hot we didn't have the usual (9PM-ish) evening breeze until 11PM or so, and we couldn't get to sleep until 2 in the morning.  I went to sleep thinking how hot my little lettuces and pot plants must be.

I woke up at 7.30 and thought to water them before I forget.  Afterwards, I toyed with the idea of weeding, but a) it's going to be another hot day, even though the patch doesn't get the sun for a few more hours; b) the bugs are already out; the annoying tiny white jumping bugs make me sneeze and itch; plus b) the Sketchbook is taking oh, so much longer than I had expected.  I'm enjoying some of it still, but my interest is waning; I'd really rather be weaving.


  1. I really like the lettuce patch idea. And your plants are alive! After the deep freeze here, all our herbs have turned black :-(

  2. Your lettuce patch looks lovely, Meg, very lush. Our lettuces have bolted in the heat and the chooks love getting one huge plant a day to squabble over. They would have enjoyed your old spinach. Maybe you should weave something in lettuce green, maybe though that's not your colour.

  3. Thank you, ladies. I feel slightly less embarrassed now.

    Carol, I think they haven't bolted because every time I go out there, I just cut (yes, with a knife!) the top off of whole plants, leaving about an inch of growth and the roots. That's definitely what I should have done with rockets - there is quite a bit of bolted stuff there, and they all have to be removed (about 1/4 of the patch) and new seeds put in. Rockets are my favorite.

    Having said that, from next year I'm going to plant only purple or red lettuces. Because they are so much easier to distinguish from weed babies when both come out at the start!


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