Strange Weather

January 23.  It's been windy so I watered the pots and the patch this morning.  That's why the taller leaves are bowing.  You can see my tiny bok choy in a tidy row, and broad beans on the side, but the two kinds of greens I planted at the top left, one being "easy to grow" endives, have not come out and I swear most of what's growing in that quarter of the patch is weeds.

We're traveling east to Blenheim today, to have a vineyard lunch, to pick up some work I sent for a small exhibition last November, and hopefully, to visit Win Currie.

* * * * *

I am experiencing a strange non-problem with my Artist's Way.  The weekly Artist's Date used to be the highlight of my Artist's Day week, but now almost all of my life is several strains of prolonged Artist's Date, which is wonderful, and I find it difficult to think of something new to do to to massage my right brain.  So I try something like collage or gazing or photography, but they feel more like "work".  I know this is a relatively easy problem to overcome, but I'm heading into Week Four, and I haven't done a proper Artist's Date yet, which feels so strange.

I've been a bit lazy on the walking front, however, and I feel guilty about that.  I think it comes down to laziness, but short walks around the airport yesterday allowed me to sleep well and feel rested this morning, so any fool knows if I did short ones every day and a long one once or twice a week, my life would be oh, so much healthier.

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Meg said...

Oh, the strange weather part. It's overcast, and I wouldn't be surprised if it rains soon. But one minute it's so still you could hear the tiniest leaf drop, the next the gusts are trying to rip out my big cherry tree. It's quite dramatic - would be nice to sit in the living room and mend/correct the scarves I've woven so far and watch the weather, but eastward we go!