"This is It", as the Man Said

January 31. I'm not sure what I achieved by photographing my lettuce patch for a month, but here we are, the end of the month.  No, I know; I did pretty up the patch considerably more than I would have if you weren't looking.

I was conscientious about taking and uploading pictures, but I'm not sure if I tried hard enough to look, observe or contemplate, in the design context.  I didn't emphasize with the lettuce leaves nor the patch, and I need that shared experience to elevate a relationship; I was always aware I was the master/caretaker and the patch there to service me, so that imbalance discouraged me from taking... the lettuce patch as a serious contender for design inspiration. I learned that much.  

This January we had more changeable weather than usual, I think, including two had-been tropical storms, and far more gusts for this time of year.  But then weather here, like everywhere else, has been changing markedly, so observing is all I do nowadays.  The patch, though, kept us in good supply of leaves, and I admit, this is the first year I made nice salads for lunch for one as well as for two at dinnertime.  And it'll keep giving, though in the left bottom quadrant, I'm sure two packets of seeds morphed into weeds. 

It's a new week and almost a new month and I'm looking forward to working today, though I'm not sure what I'll do: I could finish threading the orange and purple Log Cabin warp, design a commission baby blanket and make the warp, photograph pieces I've got on hand in preparation for Etsy, or hem the cashmere and alpaca scarves piling up on the couch. But no computers today; I overdid it for the Festival yesterday; the entire length of my short right arm, lower back, and eyes hurt. I think some lovely tactile time is needed.


shipbuilding said...

some tactile time sounds like just what you need!

Meg said...

Absolutely. And by the way, Shipbuilding, I was thinking about you and grays this weekend. Green walnuts are what we need.